Cary Jones

Mr. Ellis is without a doubt the most positive coach I have ever had the pleasure to have. I came to him all but tone deaf, and a year later was the lead in Annie Get Your Gun! Most of this was due to Mr. Ellis’ constant persistence and conviction that I could sing, and that I could become a singer.

Mr. Ellis made me want to sing, not only for myself, but so that I could have the pleasure of seeing his face light up whenever I made progress, or hit a note I had previously been unable to hit. Mr. Ellis also first taught me to dance, and that was certainly an accomplishment in his part; with the training and confidence I received from him, it looks like dance is going to be a big part of my career, not only dancing, but also as a choreographer!

Mr. Ellis truly changed my life, and I cannot be more grateful!

Thanks so much for everything! All my best wishes,


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