February 27, 2011

Mr. Ellis,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help on the show. I am back to full strength as of yesterday and am feeling good about the whole show. Your guidance was so important over the last five years. You have really helped me become the actor I am today. Thank you for that.

Hope you are well! And, I’ll see you around for sure!


“My experience with Ken’s teaching is both from a student and parent perspective. My son began singing with Ken in high school and then expanded his lessons to include dance. I had participated in chorus in my youth, but wanted to improve the quality and tone of my voice, so I began to sing with Ken, as well.   Not only does Ken bring decades of professional experience to each lesson, he fills each lesson with enthusiasm, joy, and positivity. He searches for songs with the right balance of range and challenge, for each of his students, and doesn’t hesitate to move on, if the song isn’t working. His disarming and easy going manner combined with his extensive knowledge of music and theater is the magical combination which makes for a fantastic instructor.” -Julia Jones

“My 13 year old daughter, Alexandra, has studied voice with “Mr. Ellis” for the past 8 years. She always looks forward to her lessons and is disappointed when family scheduling conflicts arise. We’ve enjoyed watching her stage presence blossom, her confidence grow & of course her voice mature in beauty & range.” -Dr. Chris Stewart

“I started from scratch at the age of 32. I’d never sung in school or in a church choir nor taken a vocal lesson in my life. My only experience singing was in the shower and in the car, where no one could hear me but me. One day I finally set out on the path to discover my true voice, and was so fortunate to find the best possible guide in Ken Ellis. With his excellent teaching and wonderful support, I’ve now sung on stage in front of an audience three different times, I’ve sung in public on the Downtown Mall in the middle of the day, and I’m now preparing to play a main role in a local community musical. My work with Ken has not only helped me learn the skills I need to perform, but build the confidence necessary to break out of my shell and really sing!” -Nico Scopelliti

“Until recently, I was behind the scenes. Speaking in public was OK, but it still made me nervous. Singing? Not a chance. Happy Birthday was what you could get out of me. My wife has excellent pitch, has performed in choruses since she was young and is accomplished. We joined our church choir as an activity we could do together. They did not kick me out, but I was a “leaner” requiring someone near me singing my part. More recently, I tried Barbershop and now I want to try being a member of a quartet which means I have to hold my own.

I found Ken through a friend and have stayed with him for the following reasons. First and foremost, he provides an anxiety-free safe space to learn. I cannot emphasize enough how important this has been to my development as a singer. Almost as important – I see steady improvement and I look forward to my weekly lessons. Ken’s instruction has helped not only my vocal production and presentation but also my overall confidence.” -Craig Scott