Private Lessons

Taking voice lessons is an exciting way to ‘find your voice’, whether you are a beginning or already do some singing.

I find a variety of motivations for the prospective singers who come with a wish to start lessons. A student may have an opportunity to join a chorus or theater group at school and want to make the best possible showing. A parent may notice his child singing around the house and wonder if there could be a hidden talent to develop. An adult may have always had a wish to explore her singing voice and now, has the chance to treat herself to lessons. Or someone may already sing in a group or a church choir but would really like to develop their own voice and perhaps move on to solo performance.

As we begin exploring your vocal potential, I will create personally designed lessons for you to move toward your goals. We will explore your ability level to give us a starting place. As we get into vocal exercises specifically tailored to your voice production, you may well be surprised, as many students are, at the wonderful new sounds you can actually make. Then we will focus on expanding your range, supporting your sound with deep breaths, and increasing your volume. I will suggest, from a wide variety of songs, those that both appeal to you and also furnish next steps for your vocal development.

Soon you may reach the point of sharing your songs with listeners. You will want to add a bit of acting perhaps, so that you can convey more fully the message the composer meant to share. We will work together on facial expressions, gestures, and some movement around your stage that evoke the song’s meaning. And you may want to add some skills for using a microphone effectively well. You will be amazed at what you can do when you sing in your own “new voice”.

The next level of development you may choose will prepare you for a variety of stage performances. Joining me for ‘Musical Performance Coaching’ will take you there.

Musical Performance Coaching: For those looking to perform on stage as part of community theater, open mic nights, live shows or anything else in front of an audience, musical performance coaching is for you. Beyond improving your voice, we cover dancing, stage movement, presentation and acting. Click here to learn more about Musical Performance Coaching.