Musical Performance Coaching

A Vocal Experience of Performance Coaching for the Serious Student

I’m told that I’m a “master” at bringing to life each performer’s potential to embody his or her song through sound and movement. As advanced vocalists work with me, they learn to investigate the song’s meaning at depth and to actually become their own true expression of each song.

I offer a safe, non-judgmental place to explore your potential. In this atmosphere of trust, vocalists are willing to stretch and meet the challenge of blending movement with their singing. Performers are consistently amazed at the fullness and range of their presentation and their new ability to move their audiences.

We give much attention to developing vocal technique and abilities. As a result, performers are confident to stand before an audience and sing beautifully. However, the singer can convey so much more of each song’s meaning by adding natural movement to his or her presentation. My coaching allows tension and stiffness to melt into easy, natural movements which complement the song’s words and deep meaning.

What is covered?

Students learn to examine in depth the story that each song tells. They explore the emotional context of the song and what it means to them personally. They learn how to “paint” the song’s meaning for the audience through their own natural movements and facial expressions. They learn to use props with ease. They gain strategies to command the stage. They are able to make contact with their audiences graciously.

How is it done?

My ability to showcase a performer’s talent allows me to “customize” instruction for each student. I call on my insight, developed through my own performance career, to see how the person’s potential can blend together with the vocal material. I actually teach each person how to show their essence- that remarkable combination of talent, voice quality, body type, personality, and fluidity of movement. As a result, the student no longer just sings the song; he or she finds their very own way to “be” the song.


By the end of each session, my advanced students are excited and astonished at what they are able to see as a marriage of voice and movement expressed. They are confident, comfortable, and focused. They have broadened their awareness of who they can be as a performer, and they know how to fully bring forth the depth and breadth of a song’s meaning. They are now, as they perform, a unique and exquisite interpretation of their song.

  • Confidence soars!
  • Stiffness relaxes into a new ease of movement.
  • Eyes show aliveness and a willing connection with the audience.
  • Facial expressions match the “feeling” of the song.
  • Sound, movement, and feeling tell the song’s story through the singer’s own personal interpretation.

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